Precision Worm Gear Drives for Telescope Control and Tracking

Power and Control System

Worm gear drive systems that come with a clutch, motor, power supply and control paddle are turnkey systems. The control paddle allows the programmable stepper motor to run at tracking speed, change direction, turn on or off and make instant corrections for imaging. The stepper motor is a robust Nema 23 high torque programmable model with drivers integral to the motor body. You do not need separate drivers. The power supply is 24 volt unregulated D.C. That plugs into 110 volt ac lines or can be made for 220 volt as well. Belt driven or transfer gears are supplied for even greater torque on the worm to drive heavy loads. The motor is capable of micro stepping to 256 steps for extra smooth tracking but can be programmed to operate at full steps as well. The units supplied with the complete package are not computerized. These systems are programmed to operate manually within certain parameters but can be computer driven on the fly with the proper connections and computer software.

[left] - Nema 23 stepper motor with belt drives, reduction timing pulleys and mounted 1 inch worm
[right] - Control Paddle with R.A. and Dec. correction buttons